Melissa Brown's Cape Town Wildlife Safari Experience

Luxury Travel Photographer, Melissa Brown, Shares Her Cape Town Wildlife Safari Experience

Located just two hours from Cape Town, Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve offers a spectacular escape for those seeking the thrill of a Big 5 safari without the need for extensive travel. Home to South Africa’s Big 5 animals: lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard, this iconic Western Cape game reserve is a haven of awe-inspiring natural beauty in the heart of the Tankwa Karoo. Explore Inverdoorn’s luxury accommodation options, exciting activities, spa treatments, and a passionate commitment to wildlife conservation.

Melissa Brown enjoyed two unique stays during her visit to Inverdoorn: the Ambassador Suite and the Kuganha Tented Camp. Both options offer a lavish experience tailored to different travel preferences and budgets. The Ambassador Suite is a sanctuary of opulence, providing unparalleled comfort and breathtaking views. For those who appreciate the finer things in life, it’s the perfect choice. On the other hand, Kuganha Tented Camp immerses you in the heart of nature. Surrounded by wilderness and stunning landscapes, guests have the chance to experience wildlife up close in one of our three large luxury tents.

Up-Close Encounters with Wildlife

One of Melissa’s most exhilarating moments at Inverdoorn was witnessing the world’s fasted land animal, the African cheetah, in action. Our Western Cape Cheetah Conservation initiative rescues and rehabilitates these incredible big cats. Did you know that cheetahs can sprint up to speeds of 120km/h? It’s a sight that truly defines our commitment to wildlife conservation and interactive educational opportunities, and guests can witness their daily hunting practice during a Big 5 sunset safari

In a magical twist of fate, Melissa also had a unique encounter with elephants right outside her tent at the Kuganha Luxury Tented Camp. The reserve’s wild African elephants took a particular interest in the private deck area, splashing and drinking from the eco-friendly plunge pool while Melissa watched close by. It’s a memory now etched in her heart forever, exemplifying the immersive wildlife experience that awaits you at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve.

Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve is more than just a safari destination; it’s an escape into the heart of the African wilderness. We highly recommend it to tourists visiting Cape Town who wish to experience the thrill of a Big 5 safari without venturing too far. Whether you’re a luxury traveller, an experience seeker, or a wildlife enthusiast, Inverdoorn offers an unforgettable blend of luxury and outdoor adventure.

Experience It for Yourself

If you’re looking to recreate Melissa Brown’s incredible adventure at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve, we invite you to follow in her footsteps and experience the magic of a Cape Town wildlife safari for yourself. 

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