Inverdoorn's Cheetah Run: All You Need To Know

All About Inverdoorn's Cheetah Educational and Cheetah Run Experience

The cheetah conservation programme has been at the forefront of South Africa’s captive cheetah rehabilitation and breeding initiatives for over two decades. Searl Derman, the new owner of Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve, staff, and a specialist team, have worked closely with leading conservation experts, wildlife veterinarians, and an ethics committee to ensure Inverdoorn’s Cheetah Educational programme provides the best possible life for these impressive animals while providing a one-of-kind experience for guests to witness the remarkable speed and agility of the world’s fastest land animal.

Inverdoorn remains steadfast in its mission to rehabilitate and release cheetahs into their natural environments, actively working to prevent the extinction of this magnificent species. It’s important to emphasise that all these activities will adhere to a strict no-touching and no-interaction policy. This approach underscores the reserves commitment to the ethical treatment and preservation of cheetahs. All guest activities align with this mission and may include:

1. Elevated Observation of the Cheetah Run: Guests will have the opportunity to observe cheetah runs from elevated vantage points that have zero impact on the animals’ natural behaviour and hunting instincts.

2. Educational Tours: Inverdoorn offers educational wildlife tours, allowing guests to learn about cheetahs from a safe distance or from the comfort of a game viewing vehicle while also enjoying an authentic Big 5 safari game drive.

Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve’s change in ownership marks a significant shift in the reserve’s approach to the cheetah conservation programme. By removing profit-driven interactions and adopting a more conservation-centric focus, Inverdoorn is reaffirming its dedication to the preservation and rehabilitation of the Western Cape’s iconic cheetah population.

Guests can now look forward to an authentic safari experience, one that not only provides incredible wildlife encounters but also actively contributes towards the protection and rehabilitation of cheetahs. Inverdoorn’s commitment to these majestic creatures is a testament to our ongoing efforts to safeguard South Africa’s incredible biodiversity and wildlife heritage.

Inverdoorn's Cheetah Conservation Progamme

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