Incredible Footage of Inverdoorn's Cheetah Run

Witness the Worlds Fastest Land Animal, the African Cheetah, at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve

In the heart of the Western Cape lies Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve, a Big 5 conservancy dedicated to protecting and rehabilitating South Africa’s unique wildlife. Among its many attractions, the Cheetah Run stands out as an awe-inspiring project that has become a core component of the reserve’s remarkable cheetah conservation efforts.

Cheetahs, the fastest land animals on Earth, are best known for their their astonishing speed and agility. However, these iconic big cats have faced numerous challenges in the wild, from habitat loss to poaching, leading to a decline in their natural populations across Africa. Guests at Inverdoorn have the unique chance to observe cheetahs up close during the daily run. While there is no direct interaction with the animals, ensuring their well-being and minimising human impact, the focus is on providing a natural, safe, and enriching environment for their rehabilitation. The cheetah run is carefully designed to simulate the ‘thrill of the chase’ while encouraging their natural hunting instincts.

More Than Just Speed

The Cheetah Run provides a controlled environment where these natural-born-hunters can sprint and stretch their muscles, mirroring their instinctual hunting behaviours in a daily exercise that forms part of the captive cheetah rehabilitation programme. On a recent trip to the reserve, guests were able to capture incredible footage of Inverdoorn’s cheetahs in action. Their remarkable agility and sprinting pace, reaching speeds of up to 120km/h, can be seen in the images below.

Experience It for Yourself

If you would like to witness the Cheetah Run for yourself, book your next Cape Town adventure at Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve to experience the magic of our Big 5 safari and cheetah rehabilitation programme.

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Inverdoorn's Cheetah Conservation Project

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