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Inverdoorn's New Cheetah Conservation Project Calls for Corporate Sponsorships

Inverdoorn is set to embark on an ambitious wildlife conservation project – the creation of a 5000-hectare fenced predator area, featuring a diverse range of wildlife, from rhinos and buffalos to giraffes, all coexisting with the reserve’s rehabilitated cheetahs. 

This massive project aims to enhance the traditional safari experience while also contributing significantly to the reserve’s ongoing global conservation efforts. To make this dream a reality, Inverdoorn’s renowned Animal Rescue Centre and captive Cheetah Rescue Project is, for the first time, extending an invitation to corporations worldwide to join their cause through a much-needed Cheetah Conservation Corporate Sponsorship Programme.

Why Sponsor Us?

The Corporate Sponsorship Programme represents a groundbreaking opportunity for businesses to align themselves with a globally significant wildlife conservation initiative. By becoming sponsors of the new 5000-hectare Cheetah Release Zone, companies can contribute to the initial capital and infrastructure costs, as well as ongoing operational expenses like project management, veterinary costs, animal welfare, and wildlife transportation.

The Benefits of Your Sponsorship

Inverdoorn’s call for corporate sponsorships is an opportunity for businesses to one of South Africa’s leading wildlife conservation projects. The project is also a great opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand image and recognition on a global scale. By partnering with Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve and the Animal Rescue Centre, companies have the chance to play an active role in preserving out nation’s iconic wildlife and native predator populations, supporting ethical conservation practices, and securing the future of cheetahs in the Western Cape.

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